The origins


At the beginning of the new millennium Fraternita dei Laici wanted to create an agricultural company completely dedicated to Agriculture: hence the birth of Tenute di Fraternita. This new company, of which Fraternita dei Laici is the sole member, has set itself the goal of obtaining high quality productions in full respect of the environment and the consumer. The choice of the Organic address, first for the olive groves and then for the vineyards, is focused on giving the consumer a healthy and respectful product of the territory. The rediscovery of ancient grains also wanted to bring to light on the market products that were almost disappearing. The company philosophy is focused on the quality of the raw material, the final product and on the respect and enhancement of the territory and our resources.


Founded in 1263, Fraternita dei Laici is the oldest and most authoritative public institution in the city of Arezzo. In its seven centuries of history it has created works of culture, art and mercy towards the people of Arezzo, obtaining the full gratitude of the main patrician families of Arezzo Community who have bequeath their assets to the Fraternita. Fraternita dei Laici was and is still the heir of Giorgio Vasari, Vittorio Fossombroni, Francesco Redi and many others illustrious figures from Arezzo. It is one of the largest and most important agro-food companies in the Province of Arezzo thanks to its 1300 hectares of agricultural – wooded land. The agro-food products have the “Tenute di Fraternita” brand. The qualitative growth in agri-food production, in the defense of the environment – landscape, as well as the enhancement of local agro-food biodiversity are our primary choices in our action to fully obtain quality and safety guaranteeing pleasure and health of our attentive and motivated consumers who are more and more turning towards “Tenute di Fraternita”. I brought into the daily management of “Tenute di Fraternita” my scientific training as a Medical Specialist and University Professor in Nutritional Science.


Pier Luigi Rossi
First Rector Magistrate of Fraternita dei Laici